Virtual Medical Assistant - Services

In order for medical professionals to focus on excellence in patient care and company’s core functions, employing the most efficient Virtual Medical Assistant dedicated to delivering specific healthcare services, administrative tasks and increasing your productivity while reducing costs. Why not have our Virtual Medical Assistant on your team?




Our Virtual Medical Assistant Services

List of our services that can surely help you:

  • Virtual Medical Administrative Assistant– Have a full time or half time administrative assistant take your calls, upload your dictation or renew your medical society membership.  Your time is valuable and your staff needs to focus on your patients, not waiting on the phone for thirty minutes while on hold.  Give yourself and your staff that quality time to make patients and their referring providers happy.
  • Medical Transcription – Whether pre-recorded or phoned in, we transcribe and turn them around within 24 hours. We can put the files in the folder of your choice or attach them directly to your patients records through your EMR, all HIPAA compliant.
  • Clinical Message Handling and Triage – Faxes, Lab Results and Phone calls bring in patients and help you care for your existing ones.  They can also come in anytime and beg quick action according to your triage – from going to the ER or just giving them directions over the phone.  Having medically trained real people to answer your phones is part of the overall patient experience.
  • Clinical Back Office Support – We can process your faxes or summarize lab results, or check upcoming appointments if patients have pending diagnostic results (and follow up on them).  We’ll sort through the messages and alert you of urgent ones, link them to patient charts – while you’re catching up on consultation or validating the latest refill request.  We can pull up those transcribed notes and check on the spelling of doctors’ names or patients’ dates of birth then send them to referring providers
  • Patient Scheduling and Reconfirmation – We can take your referrals or calls, get your patients scheduled and call them a day or more before to remind them.   We can even help them find their way and help them all show up for their appointments.
  • CPAP Compliance Calls – Whether a day, a week or months after CPAP setup, we’ll call your patients to check on their experience and prepare all your reports.  Whether they’re having a leaky mask, dry skin or just can’t take the pressure, we’ll give patients your desired advise or escalate it to as you wish
  • Insurance Pre-certification -We’ll check the patients’ medical insurances if the procedures you’re planning to do will be paid for, as each case is different. We’ll check how much insurance will pay and what is due from your patient.  And yes, you don’t have to be on hold for thirty minutes after being transferred for the fourth time – we’ll handle all that for you.
  • Insurance Verification – Insurance eligibility verification and plan-specific benefits information confirmation before services are rendered not only leads to fewer claim rejections and denials, but it also lays the foundation for an effective patient financial counseling program. We can validate patient co-pay, benefit and deductible information, services covered by your plan and explain your financial obligations real time saving you all the time and hassle in calling your insurance personally.
  • Physician Credentialing – Physician credentialing is the practice in which documented recognition and verification is administered to a practicing medical professional (physician). An examination into his practices, standing and observance of relevant criterion is conducted to assess his competency and running. Furthermore, credentialing is used to confirm a physician’s license, education, training, decision-making and overall quality.
  • HIPAA / ARRA Training 
  • Medical Billing – Our team of virtual assistants who handles outsourced medical billing can deliver convenient billing solutions efficiently, fitted according to your company’s healthcare requirements and demands.