Virtual Medical AssistantValue-Added. Virtual Medical Assistants. Best of both worlds.Web Design Medical Virtual Assistant

Virtual Medical Assistant

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Value-Added. Virtual Medical Assistants. Best of both worlds.

The flexibility & control over a dedicated assistant with the simplicity of a managed process. We monitor, support and back up every assistant.

Web Design Medical Virtual Assistant

Help you BUILD, DESIGN and MANAGE your Website. Start your own Practice.

A huge number of service-oriented and sales businesses has proven that hiring Virtual Assistants is feasible.  Does it work for Medical Practitioners, too? Would Virtual Medical Assistants be as effective as an on-site staff? For Medical Practitioners, hiring an employee who is hundreds of miles away may seem like a blind bargain, a random shot, […]

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Daniel McKennitt, MD | Physician | The many benefits of utilizing virtual assistant in the physician’s office have become clear to many. Physicians report greater job satisfaction, patient retention and cost-efficiency as some of the most obvious areas impacted by the use of virtual assistants in their practices. Physicians preparing to shift some of their […]

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| Nelly Gamboa – Administrator for Union County Cardiology Associates | Running a practice requires not just successfully caring for our patients, but managing efficient operations to ultimately make a profit. Not only are we trying to tackle healthcare reform changes and requirements, we’re seeing an influx of patients — many of whom are newly […]

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Backlog!  You have 35 patients to call to explain their lab results, 2 hour’s worth of faxes left untouched, three EOB’s that need appeal and don’t forget those voice mails and prescription refill requests.  In the meantime, there are tens of thousands of dollars that you’re entitled to if you just have the time to complete your […]

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If you are a health care provider, plan or clearinghouse, you are considered a “covered entity” by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996).  This means that you must comply with the provisions of this law intended to protect patient health information and at the same time make electronic health information exchange more […]

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